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Busy Freeway Terms


By registering for Busy Freeway, you agree that you have read these terms, understand them, and agree to be bound by them.

Unless you received prior permission from Busy Freeway, you may only register for one Busy Freeway account. Only one account per user or IP address is permitted. Members must be 18 yrs of age or older.

You may not promote Busy Freeway in a way that could be considered spamming. You may only promote your referral URL and/or other promotional material in other traffic exchanges or advertising programs that allow it. Promoting Busy Freeway in a way that could be considered spamming will result in removal of your Busy Freeway account.

Members are completely responsible for the content they promote using Busy Freeway. Members are also responsible for ensuring they have the rights to promote a URL and any content it contains. Busy Freeway is not responsible if a member is in violation of another legal agreement, copyright infringement, or any other issues.

URL Rules

Before submitting a URL to Busy Freeway, please read these rules very carefully and make sure your URL does not violate any of them. If you violate any of these rules, your site will be deleted along with any credits assigned to them. Your Busy Freeway account may also be deleted.

*No sites with illegal activity.

*No frame-breaking sites.

*No viruses, trojans, spyware, or malware.

*No adult content.

*Rotators may be promoted only if all sites or banners in rotation comply with these terms.

*No HYIPs or "investment autosurfs". These are illegal in most countries, including the United States.

*No PTP sites.

*No Popups.

*No Hate sites.

*No Matrix Sites.

*No Gifting Sites.

*No Automatic Popups asking to Download Something.

*No Hidden iframes.

*Busy Freeway Traffic has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate or questionable.



DO NOT SEND SPAM OR UCE! SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) will not be tolerated. Formal complaints of SPAM/UCE are handled as top priority and legal action WILL be pursued by Busy Freeway Traffic for any loss or damages incurred due to SPAM/UCE complaints against you. Damages can be substantial. DO NOT SPAM!

Claims Made by Advertised Sites

Busy Freeway is not responsible for the income claims or promises made by sites in rotation. You join any program at your own risk and we strongly advise you to please research all business opportunities before you pay for services.



Busy Freeway will not be responsible for any losses, damages, or costs that you and/or your business may suffer when using the website and/or its services. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Busy Freeway Traffic from any claims resulting from the website or service.

Refund Policy

Busy Freeway provides a digital product and service. Due to the nature of the product and services, there Will NOT Be Any REFUNDS provided. All goods and services provided by Busy Freeway are automatically credited to the person(s) upon receiving payment, therefore all products and services are immediately available to the member for utilization.

Busy Freeway does not guarantee results from using our product/services as this is solely the responsibility of the user.


Busy Freeway is not associated with any Payment Processor System. Busy Freeway uses them to process and accept payments.

Busy Freeway will not be held responsible or liable for any problems, damages, or losses that may occur with regard to a member's direct association with any Payment Processor and any other aspects of their account.

If a member cancels their Busy Freeway account, that member will be responsible for cancelling any upgrades or other subscriptions the member may have with Busy Freeway through their Payment Processor. A member MUST go to their Payment Processor and cancel their subscription otherwise the monthly fees will continue. YOUR Payment Processor account is YOUR responsibility!

Busy Freeway will not issue any refunds for credits purchased or for failure to cancel services.

Fraud Prevention

Every member must use a valid email address which must be verified. Busy Freeway is an opt in exchange. Meaning you must verify your membership after joining by clicking on the email link sent to you.

This ensures that only those people who choose to join are in fact joining of their own free will. No one can sign you up as a member of Busy Freeway since you must verify your membership with the opt in email.


Credits that you receive by surfing and/or purchasing at Busy Freeway may NOT be sold. Your member account may NOT be sold either. If you wish to get rid of your account at Busy Freeway Traffic you may go to your profile and delete it.

Busy Freeway is not responsible for any lost credits, or any damages, loss of data, or other problems associated with using our services. You agree to use this service at your own risk.


Member accounts found inactive for 12 months or more at Busy Freeway Traffic may be removed at our discreetion. It is our goal to maintain an accurate accounting of active sites. If there is a reason for such an abscence, please contact Admin before the end of that time and arrangements will be made.

Autoresponder Usage

Do NOT send Busy Freeway any messages via autoresponder. Members found doing so will have their account deleted and their autoresponder provider will be contacted to make them aware of the member sending spam.


Any member found attempting to cheat Busy Freeway by using Bot Software, signing up for multiple accounts, advertising the same website url to promote in multiple accounts, but not limited to the above will have their accounts suspended/terminated.


Under No Circumstances are you allowed to copy or reproduce any of the content, images, etc., from Busy Freeway. It is against United States and International Laws to infringe on copyrighted material and all content herein is the property of Busy Freeway Traffic and its suppliers.


There are no expressed warranties that Busy Freeway will be without glitches, hiccups, or downtime. Use of the site is "as is" and there are no warranties or guarantees implied or expressed.

Busy Freeway will not be held responsible for viruses or malware that infects your computer. Members are responsible to ensure their computers are protected.

Being on line comes with risk and while Busy Freeway does its' utmost to keep our traffic clean, we can not be responsible for your on line safety as a member.

Contracting any virus or malware can come from any source when on line and can not be definitively stated that it came from Busy Freeway.

It is highly recommended members use their computer firewall, have at minimum a free antivirus program on their computer and to run routine scans for bugs/malicious content on their computer.

Member Acceptance

I, the member of Busy Freeway have thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions set forth. I understand that Busy Freeway Traffic will always do its utmost to provide a professional, quality advertising service. In joining and/or purchasing a Busy Freeway membership, I, the member am automatically agreeing to said terms and conditions. I also understand that by staying a member at Busy Freeway Traffic that I am continuing to accept all terms and conditions when changes are implemented. Further more, I understand that failure to comply with these terms may result in account termination.

You, as a member of Busy Freeway Traffic, agree to receive regular updates, discount offers, and promotions as a condition of your membership. Should you wish to stop receiving those emails your only option is to terminate your account at Busy Freeway by logging in, going to Profile and deleting your account.


Busy Freeway Traffic is NOT an MLM (multi-level marketing system), nor are we a pyramid or ponzi scheme.

Members are NOT required to refer others to be a member at Busy Freeway.

Busy Freeway is an advertising venue for those who need viewers to their websites. Advertising is exchanged via the Surf Bar. Viewing others websites earns members "credits" to have their websites viewed by others.

Credits earned by members surfing have NO Monetary value. Credits earned are to be used by the member earning them and may NOT be sold. Anyone found selling credits will have their account terminated for Breech of Contract.

Credits purchased for traffic views have No Monetary value.

Busy Freeway does NOT imply the ability to earn money from advertising. Busy Freeway offers the ability to earn commissions based on referral purchases as a thank you for advertising Busy Freeway.

Members are Not to advertise Busy Freeway as a "money making scheme" as we are not. Anyone found promoting Busy Freeway Traffic in such a fashion will be suspended until the offending advertisement is removed. Should said member be found more than once after having been warned, their account will be terminated for Breech of Terms.






Busy Freeway Privacy Policy

Information shared with Busy Freeway Traffic is only available to the Administration of Busy Freeway Traffic and every effort is made to ensure the safety of your information.

Members may join Busy Freeway using their legal name and email address. Correct country information is a must. If IP does not match stated country your account may be suspended.

We do reserve the right to ask for verification should there be questions/concerns about a members identity.

Members may cancel their membership at any time by logging in to going to profile and clicking delete.


Copyright © 2017. Busy Freeway Traffic. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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