Are You Making the Most of Your Surfing?

Can you say, “overwhelmed?”  That is the word that comes to mind every morning I would start up my computer to start surfing for credits each day.  Where do I start, what exchanges should I surf and the questions would be aimless and it wasn’t getting the job done.

Needless to say when I was new to surfing exchanges, I found myself surfing here and there and basically accomplishing, you got it; nothing!!!  Aimless or mindless surfing is one of the biggest ways to waste your time and accomplish nothing.  I finally decided it was time for a plan of action, one that included a core set of sites to surf daily.

I know, but this site has x amount of cents to claim and these are part of this or that promo giving me a chance to win some cash…….surfing willy nilly here and there “sam I am” (cat in the hat..Dr. Suess) is what detracts from what should be your main goal, traffic.

Been there done that and unless you are born under a lucky star, your chances of winning those surfing contests are slim.  Do you realize just how many people are out there surfing away daily?  Think about it, have you ever looked at some of the top 5 surfing stats…some sites you see people surfing thousands of pages daily!  Do you even have that kind of time to burn?

I want you to think about one thing when you are surfing umpteen sites belonging to some promise of jackpot winnings, there are some where surfing is a family affair.  Don’t misunderstand me, if you like the sites in a jackpot promo and they are part of your main staples of surfing, by all means surf for your chance at the prize.

As I have stated before you as a surfer should be promoting you and concentrating on getting traffic to your own site or your favorite site(s).  Over the course of time surfing and promoting whatever it is you chose, you will start seeing, “You have a Referral” in your email inbox.  Next you will start seeing, “You have made a Commission“……both awesome emails to recieve.

How do you get organized?  Simple, join TE Command Post.  They have 2 core sites to surf daily, Traffic-Splash and Tezak Traffic Power.  Then there are optional sites to surf and when done in conjunction with each other increase your credits earned surfing.  The beauty in this is that you are setting yourself a surfing schedule.  The optional sites are just that, meaning you could just surf the the 2 core sites and earn extra credits, however if one of your other favorite sites are included at TE Command Post, it means more credits to those sites as well, if they are part of the 11 chosen sites.

Not a fan of that?  How about TE Headquarters?  The main daily site to surf is Hot Flash Hits and one guest site daily.  While surfing HFH and the guest site, you will come across a claim page and have a chance to win cash, banner impressions and/or jac points.  There are 12 sites listed for you to surf at daily (all sites with a proven track record) and once completing 100 page views, put your claim in.  After x number of sites completed you earn jac points towards advertising and physical wares.

Both sites are full of pros and it is really hard to chose one over the other.  The awesome tidbit though is that one of the core sites at TE Command Post is also one of the 12 sites listed to surf daily, Tezak Traffic Power.  No reason you can not use both sites to keep your surfing organized.

In the long run, surfing routine sites not only keeps credits available to have your sites viewed by others, it means you have more opportunity to start gaining referrals because you are now focused on the task at hand.

The choice is yours in the end.  Although, I can say having a set routine and sticking to it means by the end of the day, I feel like I have accomplished my daily goals vs feeling like pulling my hair out and throwing in the towel.

One last item as food for thought, utilize all the advertising you are earning.  Assign those impressions to your banners, texts and square banners where available.  When you allow those credits to banners, texts and square banners sit in your account, in essence you are throwing away hard earned advertising dollars.  If you earn them, use them!

You can find success with Traffic Exchanges if you utilize them to your advantage.  Start today and organize yourself.  No better place to start than TE Command Post and/or TE Headquarters.

Regardless of what you chose to do personally, find a method to be organized with your surfing efforts.  Organization will pay off in the long run so much more so than chasing after elusive jackpots.


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  • A very good post with food for thought for all surfers. 🙂 I really appreciate the mention of Tezak Traffic Power. I am a big believer in having a routine. My routine has been consistent for over 10 years. Loking forward to reading our future content.


  • I wondered when some, besides us, would realize surfing the core sites and the CS inside TE Headquarters was a smart routine. With Deb!

    • Considering one of the core sites at TE Command Post is part of your 12 proven sites to me makes it a win-win situation. Get the best of both places and combined they make an awesome powerhouse that is hard to beat!

  • Very thought provoking post Deb. I used to do the same, marked out what promos I could complete each day – then I became an owner and my focus changed. These days I tend to stick with the core sites from TECP & TEHQ, upgrade where I can in those sites to make my surfing time more valuable. I then utilize coops to get my site seen in all the other exchanges but I don’t promote those in sites other than my own.

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