List Building While Surfing

We have all heard, “The Money is in the List.”  That blurb is true!  Building a list means having your own personal group of subscribers to whom you can send offers for almost anything.  The bigger your list, theoretically the more sales you can make putting more money into your payment processors account.

Granted, there are a lot of “do nots” when having your autoresponder sending out emails, but that is another topic of its own.

When you are surfing for traffic trying to get people to sign up for another traffic exchange, safelist/viral mailer or even physical goods. Instead what you should be doing is getting them on your list and then send them to your offers.

You may be asking, “why?”…..the reason is simple.  Wouldn’t you rather be able to send a person multiple offers vs one?  When you use a splash page (example a traffic exchange) and someone signs up under you, your contact with that person is rather limited if you have any at all and that is dependent upon if the exchange allows its members to send emails to their referrals. Obviously, exchanges that circumvent members from sending emails is for their own safety to prevent spam complaints that could ultimately have their domain shut down.

Should you want to get started creating a splash/capture page with an autoresponder, the best place to go is to the Power Build site.  The site provides you the user with all the tools you need.  Autoresponder that allows you to test your email messages for spam prior to setting them to send, splash/capture page creator including preset domains so you do not have to purchase a domain name, tracker and much more.

Currently, the Power Build is in Pre Launch, a redo of 12 Second Commute, still owned and operated by the same man who has had it for years.  The best part is if you join now and take the offer, your price will remain at $7 a month for a slew of online marketing tools.  You can go with other more well known autoresponder sites, however they will cost you aprox $20 a month.  You will also need a splash/capture page system and again more out of pocket costs.

The time is now to start sending people to your list during your finger clicking quest for traffic.

Despite how you decide to go about building your list, you must start building one today!  The Money is in the List!


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