Are You Leaving Advertising on the Table? (with tutorial)

Most people think advertising is simply sending out emails or placing their site link into a traffic exchange and sending traffic to them.  Oh, how wrong that thinking is!  Do you realize how much advertising you are leaving behind that could lead to signups/sales when you ignore banner ads and text links?

I myself never put to much stock into banners or text impressions until this past year.  After tracking my banner impressions I found I had received over 200 signups simply through placing my banner on sites that I am a member of.  I could literally kick myself for all the advertising I could have been doing had I just placed those banners into rotation at sites I belong to.

Just think about all the places you are a member of where you don’t bother setting up your banner ads; how long have you been wasting that small piece of advertising real estate?  On top of that, for the most part you don’t even need to purchase banner advertising because we earn banner impressions while surfing.  (unless of course, you don’t take advantage of those claim pages in rotation) Are you aware of how much advertising you are throwing out the window when you claim the prize and then do not utilize it?

I don’t know why we tend to ignore the potential of banner advertising.  I know I have clicked on banners before and even ended up joining what was being advertised.  I bet you have, too!

If you are serious about getting your sites/wares seen it is time to start utilizing every last banner/text credit available to you.  It takes a few seconds of your time to place your target url and image url into the boxes and hit save, then assign those impressions.

Not sure what the difference is between a target url and an image url?

Image:   The IMAGE is the Graphic of the banner. This banner Graphic Image is what is shown to other members.  Image urls generally end in gif or jpg.  Sometimes sites use a different format making it more difficult to tell if it is the image or target url because it will look similar to this:  getimg.php?id=5  Notice the img.php?  That is your tell tale sign that it is an image.

Target:   The TARGET is where the site is that you are advertising. When members click the banner image, the member will be taken to this TARGET URL.  Unless you have your own website, the url you will be using is called your referral link.  It will end in either your user name or user id number.  examples:  .php?referid=jonsie  or ?ID=18954

Now that you have an understanding of what an the target url vs image url is, the question maybe where do I find that information?  Most programs have a menu button that says one of several things:  Affiliate Tools, Affiliate Toolbox, Promo Tools or simply have Affiliate with a drop down box leading to the toolbox.

Some sites once on your affiliate page will house all the different types of advertising on one page and you just scroll til you find the banner images with your code.  Others will have a button type menu stating which advertising to go to.  In that case select banners, click on that and it will take you to the correct location.

For those who are not familiar with copying and pasting the target and image urls into the boxes from one site to another:  Take your mouse and hold down the left mouse button or your index finger is usually the one that is on that button (if you are right handed) and drag it over the url.  It will turn the link you are copying either gray or some other color to indicate you have highlighted that specific text.

After you have the url highlighted, take your middle finger generally speaking and right click (the button to the right of the scroll button on your mouse).  A popup box will come up with things you can do to that highlighted text.  You want to click copy.  Once copied go to the place you are placing the link into the appropriate box either image or target, click inside the box so the little hover line is visible then right click inside that box.  Again, a popup will come up asking what you want to do.  Click paste.  That’s it.

One guideline to follow which is very important, is to ensure your banner shows correctly.  Make certain the link you placed has only one http:// in it or the banner won’t show.  Some sites automatically have http:// showing in the box.  The simplest way to avoid that mistake is to highlight it and then paste or highlight delete before pasting.

Always, always check that your banner is showing correctly before assigning your credits.

Banner Advertising is a simple cost effective method of generating traffic/viewers.  Why leave behind advertising that could be generating you signups and sales?

The choice is yours, but myself I won’t let advertising real estate go to waste now that I know it works!


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