I Quit!

You are not alone when you feel like quitting.  Working on-line trying to make a buck can become very frustrating when you are laboring away day in and day out.

The biggest reason for people calling it quits isn’t because it doesn’t work.  It is the mindset we have instilled into our noggin from multiple adverts taunting us on-line; telling us we can make money overnight and how easy it is, over and over and over again.  Subtle messages leading us to believe that making money on-line is fast and simple.

Why do we fall for those messages?  The reason is the basic need and desire to make money that allows us to have that extra jingle in our pocket.  We all want to better our living situations and what better way to do so than from the comfort of our home.

What occurs when we get on-line with the idea of making money is that we first see those adverts and videos that tell us how simple it is to put dollars into your bank account, “if”, we just do what they tell us to do.  Awesome, right?  Not so fast!  After you pay for that first item that is going to make you rich, before you get to your account, you are hit with an up-sell.  “You just have to have this item” to work with your first item if you are going to have more favorable results with making money.

What do you do, you shell out more money.  If you are lucky the up-sells stop there.  From experience, I have seen up-sells go as far as 5 offers each one according to the seller giving you more earning power not available with the very first purchase made.  They make it sound so logical and they show you how it works filling you with hope and visions of pulling in dollars hand over fist, day after day.  Your brain is saying, I need that software that plugs in and does the work fully automated letting me earn money easily while I go play.

Psychological Manipulation is basically what is going on here.  While the term is not used for on-line sales tactics it fits.  Think about a car salesman.  Boy, are they good at talking to you, at you and around you.  The best sales people are those that can read a person like a book.  They are able to elicit your emotions so that they do your bidding rather than your logical self.  The same thing on-line, they know what to say and how to say it.  They dig deep to hit those nerves and they know you are anxious to make money on-line and they use your need to their advantage.

Knowing what is going on behind the scene is not always going to protect you from the salesman.  How many salesmen are you following?  How many of those people do you feel like you know well and trust because you belong to their chat groups, facebook page, attend their webinars, etc.?  How many times have you received an email from those pitchmen telling you about this or that new best hot ticket item that you must have in order to succeed on-line?  How many times have you believed it hook, line and sinker and spent your hard earned dollars because you believed in them?

Just know, you are not alone.  I have followed and bought into the hype.   Wasting money on junk because I allowed myself to be played like a finely tuned fiddle.

I do not mean to make this sound hopeless.  All is not lost.  One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to research, research and research.  If you receive an email imploring you to make a purchase google it, most likely you will find it is from one of several affiliate programs that offer developers the chance to have others sell their wares (software/ebooks) for a small profit.  I will not say everything sent to you is worthless.  Only you as the purchaser can determine its inherent value to yourself.  Again, research before opening your wallet.

Attempting to make money on-line through affiliate marketing is not a hopeless endeavor, however you must understand that it takes the following:

  • Hard Work
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Dedication
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Last but not least, learn where and when to spend your hard earned dollars

I want to emphasize it takes work especially in the beginning of any venture to make money.  Patience is a must.  The money will not magically appear into your account overnight for the majority of us as is implied so many times.  Self-motivation is important to stay focused and dedicated to your goal.

Most importantly you must have realistic expectations when it comes to making money.  Sure, there are some who have been an over-night success, however, those are few and far between.  For the majority of us, it is going to take time.

Be prepared to learn from your mistakes.  A mistake is a learning tool so use it to your advantage.  Take the time to research and learn about your niche.  Learning is a must in this forever changing atmosphere of on-line earnings.

Always, use caution before spending money on software, ebooks or monthly affiliate programs.  It is going to take money to make money on-line, therefore, it is important not to waste your dollars on ineffective hype.

During your journey when working on-line there will come a time (maybe multiple) that you say, “I Quit!!!”, when it does come, take a break.  Do nothing rash such as running off at the mouth in a chat room destroying the credibility in which you have labored to build.  Do not blow up your website.  Go read a book, go take a walk.  Even if you need a few days to get your motivation back, take the time to do for you and come back with a fresh outlook.

Making money on-line is possible and while it can be a daunting and arduous task, in the end, the benefits are multiple.  Success comes in many forms and each individuals definition varies.  For one it may be an extra $100 a month while another may want to make $1,000 or more per month.  Do not judge your success based on salesmen’s emails or videos showing massive amounts of money flowing into their accounts.  Those are nine times out of ten hype and anyone good with a computer can make magic happen.

Remember, this journey is about you and your success.  Success means you fail but pick yourself up having learned a lesson and keep moving forward.  Quitters never win while winners never quit!


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