Positive or Negative? What are You Sowing?

Positive or Negative, what the heck am I talking about batteries here?  Sowing?  Seriously?

Remember your Grandmas old saying, “You Reap What You Sow?”  I am talking about what we all sow in life on-line or off, business or personal life; the seeds we sow impact us either positively or negatively.

In the words of  René Descartes, (French philosopher and mathematician), “I think therefore I am”…..speaks volumes about the old saying we reap what we sow.  When we constantly put ourselves down we begin to believe those derogatory remarks about ourselves and lead our lives in a negative light.  We see only darkness and expect the worst from not only ourselves but from those in our lives as well.

Some of us have forgotten our childhood story of, “The Little Engine that Could.”  I think I can, I think I can!  With that positive thought the Little Engine pulled a heavy load up a mountain side that the Bigger Engines refused to even attempt.  How many times in life have you said, “forget it, it’s just impossible”, and refuse to try?  Granted it is just a story for kids, however it is meant to instill an important message to young growing minds that they can do anything they put their minds to so long as they just try.

Our internal conversations with ourselves leads to “self-fulfilling prophecies”.  Fill it with constant thoughts of negativity and of course we will only see and find the bad in every area of our life.  Fill it with positive thoughts and things begin to change for the better.  What we expect to happen in any given situation is where we place our focus and if we look for bad we will find it!  Regardless, if we see one positive in something we will overrule that positive with all the negatives we were focused on, that we imagined happening in our self depreciating self talk.

What has happened to us between childhood and adulthood?  Where has that enthusiasm gone for trying new things gone?  Maybe it didn’t exist in some of our childhoods, but that doesn’t mean we can not change that internal gauge we have saddled ourselves with.

Another old saying, “I am what I am today, shame on my parents, if I stay that way shame on me!”  We have the ability to change our focus from negative to positive if we choose to do so!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!  I am telling you only we can change the outcomes in our lives.  Nobody can do it for us!  This is a journey only we can make happen.

Sooo, I bet you are wondering what does all that rhetoric have to do with working on-line, huh?  Positive thinking impacts every aspect of your life!  If you are working on-line and already have a tendency to see the worst in people and things your motivation for beginning an on-line excursion to making money is already lost!  You lose before you even get started!

Yes, working on-line is tedious, monotonous and downright aggravating because we are not seeing the results others are shouting to the world that they have gotten!!! I understand and my heart reaches out to you because it seems like achieving our goals on-line is impossible.

Nothing is impossible!  Think it, breathe it and live it!  Sure, maybe what you are doing isn’t working.  It doesn’t mean if you change the direction it won’t work.  Look at it this way; you have this giant mountain you need to go over to get to the other side.  The slope is straight up and down and every time you take a step forward your feet slide 2 steps back.  After a while depending on your internal self talk you make one of two decisions:  Positive people say ok, no way can I just walk up and over but nobody said I can’t go around and they change their course of action.  Negative people look at the daunting task at hand, try it a few times and then give up because their internal communication is negative.  No use, its impossible nobody can climb over that mountain and they walk away on their dreams and goals.

One thing in life is a constant and that is we are never to old to try and/or learn new ways/new tricks/new ventures!  How we as our own cheerleader in life either cheers us on or puts us down is how we respond to new challenges and our everyday situations.

Start today!  Write down one negative self fulfilling judgment you have about yourself on a piece of paper.  Now take another piece of paper and rewrite that self fulfilling judgment about yourself into a positive affirmation.  Take the negative comment and tear it up, throw it away or put it into some binder so you can fill that notebook with negative, watch it grow as your new notebook fills with positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and life in general.

Silly?  Maybe, but who cares!  This is your life isn’t it time to take charge of it and start reaping the rewards of all the positive seeds you sow!

The more often you reaffirm your self worth, your abilities and what not, the more you will achieve.  For instance, you are working on-line trying to build your list/gain referrals, etc..  When you change the negative into a positive it makes it easier to stay focused and not give up! Instead of saying, “oh wow 1 whole person joined me, big deal”……say, “WOW!  I got a referral to my program/list.  It’s working!”

Being positive about small successes makes it easier to reach your goal.  Slow and steady wins the race!  So, what if you ate a cookie on your diet, don’t obsess over that 1 cookie.  Obsess on what you have done positively that day.  Big deal I ate a cookie, I walked a mile today or I drank all my water today!  Negative obsession begets negative results.

Your on-line success depends on you and your outlook.  Do NOT compare yourself to those who tell you how great they are doing.  Your success and how you define it is yours and yours alone.  Success is relative to the person and no one else.

We have all heard, “You made your own bed, now lie in it!”  What seeds are you going to sow in your bed today for you to lie in?  Will it be positive or negative?  The choice is yours!

Success is Never Lost, it Just Goes to Someone Else! (unknown)

“The World is Your Oyster!  It’s up to You to find the Pearls!”  Chris Gardener



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