Spinning Your Wheels Online?

tHey There Readers,

I was doing my email advertising today and wondered how many of you have been working like crazy online trying to make a few dollars. Even with years of experience working online, every once in a while I am lured into a program only to find another one full of bells and whistles without substance.

Newbies (new folks to online marketing) are at a bigger disadvantage today than ever before.  The car sales tactics have gotten more sophisticated today making a complete sham sound like the ultimate fountain of youth.

So how do you weed through the fluff and get down to business?  The first thing that is a must have if you are going to try to make money online is a realistic expectation of how much you can make online.  I’m not saying you can’t make thousands as people do make that and more online.  What most programs don’t tell you is that you are not going to get rich overnight, next week, next month or maybe even next year.

Many times people are led to believe that they can pay x amount of dollars to join any given program and that the program owners will do the work for you.  It is simply not true.  If you want to make money online you have to work for it, as you would in any brick and mortar business.

Spill over, lol the only spill over I ever received were tire kickers who did not want to spend any money or simply didn’t have it to spend.

Make money without spending money.  Another fairy tale for those who want to make real dollars and not pennies surfing to win or clicking their fingers off to make a few cents.

One of the newest things I have seen online is “get bitcoin for free”.  ROFL, I’m sorry but considering that one bitcoin is valued at over $2,000, how can anyone afford to give away even minute pieces of bitcoin?

Again, be realistic with your expectations of how much you can make and how long it is going to take.  First and foremost if you do not get your head into the right mindset, you are going to spend a lot of time and energy joining the next best thing since sliced bread, over and over again.  Effectively spinning your wheels and increasing your frustration levels til you give up with an empty wallet.

Yes, people make money with traffic exchanges and safelists that have an affiliate aspect, however, they are only a piece of the online marketing puzzle.  If you have joined traffic exchanges or safelists (maybe both) simply because you were led to believe how easy it is to make money surfing and reading without spending any money, you have been misled.

Traffic Exchanges and Safelists/Viral Mailers are advertising services.  Generally speaking, they are free to a cheap source of advertising your products/services/wares and affiliate links.  The bonus of using many of them is that they have affiliate programs allowing you to refer others and should they upgrade or buy advertising you receive a percentage of those sales.  Also, some of the Traffic Exchanges have promos, games and what not where you can earn pennies as an incentive to keep surfing.

List Building is where the money is online.  A list is for all intents and purposes comprised of people who opted into your list and are potential customers of anything you may choose to sell.  Whether it is an actual product, software, program or otherwise, people on your list have agreed to accept emails from you and this is where you start making money.

Working online means you need tools of the trade, if you plan on building your list of possible customers.  One is an autoresponder, averaging cost aprox $20 a month.  Next most important tool is ad tracking.  Ad Tracking shows you how effective the advertising source actually is.  It is a bit time consuming but, a necessary evil if you want to stop wasting time and money with ineffective advertising resources.

Want to stand out from the crowd?  Make your own capture/splash pages.  With so many people using programs default splash pages you weaken your chance at standing out in the crowd.

Those 3 marketing tools alone will cost you a monthly fee.  Granted you do not have to have them, they just make building your own list and standing out in the crowd more conducive to gaining potential customers for future opportunities that you wish to share with others.

Dedication and consistency are tools that are within yourself.  You must dedicate or allot a specified amount of time each day to advertising your own unique list building splash page.  And you must do this consistently to see results.

I have found one thing that helps me stay focused when reading emails for credits or surfing traffic exchanges; Turn Off Your Speakers! Otherwise, you will be distracted by some of the awesome sounding sales pitches leading you to stop what you are doing and possibly joining yet another program you do not need.

I have said it before and will say it again.  Success is relative to each individual.  One person may feel successful if they make an extra $20 a week while the next person wants $2000 a week.  Set goals, keep your eyes on the prize which is your list.  The bigger the list the better.

One tip for your list, Do NOT Spam them with sales pitches every day.  Building trust is a must and you can not build trust if you send them daily emails with constant opportunities to join this or buy that.  Mix up your offers with useful information and tips that will help them succeed online.  A big grievance I have with some of the lists I am on is they send daily emails for sometimes expensive programs/software from places like Clickbank and JVzoo.  Personally, in the beginning of my online career, I wasted money thinking the list owner was being genuine in his presentations only to find it’s how many operate and how they make money.

Time to stop spinning your wheels and get focused.  Success is possible for anyone who sets their mind to it and realizes work is not a four letter word.

Deb Hopkins

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