Sunday Surfing Traffic Exchanges…

Do you have a strategy when you surf traffic exchanges on Sundays?

I have found that on Sunday that some of the sites with TE Command Post have a double surf bonus if you surf the two main exchanges at TE Command Post. (Tezzers and Traffic-Splash) Since I can not always surf daily I do try to surf TE Commando Style on Sundays to take advantage of the double credits.

On Sundays, I try to surf as much as possible to build my credits to keep my sites in rotation all week long, especially at TE Search and Hungry for Hits. It helps that I am upgraded at those two sites as I receive 2 credits for every page I view.

Also, I make sure to do the Hullabaloo on Sunday since Hot Flash Hits the main site of TE Headquarters is part of the commando surf. Double credits at Hot Flash Hits with a chance to win some cash while surfing makes it a win-win for me.

I don’t usually surf for the pennies as I am after the traffic to build my list. However, if you like to surf for the chance to win some cash the Hullabaloo gives it to you! Viral Traffic Games is available to play at Hot Flash Hits if you like to play games of chance. Winning at Viral Traffic Games is all dependent on how much you surf each week and if you can beat the competition of top surfers having claimed diamonds and raffle tickets. (a bit more in-depth than that, but you can win some cash)

Now if you really want to surf for cash, I suggest you surf at Easy Hits 4U. Thirty cents per 1000 pages viewed.

However, I do not recommend surfing for cash when you could be making real dollars as you build your list and business. If you are looking to start building your list I suggest you go to the new Power Build (part of the re-vamping of 12-second commute). Even if you do not have a business of your own, you can use the Power Build System as your Biz-Op and begin building your list from there.

Surfing any day of the week should be done with a strategy, however Sundays is a must, to grab the double credits offered when Commando Surfing.

Start making the most of your surfing to gain viewers and subscribers. Build Your List!

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