Importance of Tracking Your Ads

Tracking your ads is one of those things you will hear about when advertising online.  It is, also one of those things that seem like a lot of work and hassle.   I definitely understand your feelings about ad tracking.  In the beginning of my online marketing, I thought it was to much work and what difference would it make.  Let me tell you what…..I was wrong and wasted a lot of my time marketing in the wrong places and paying for upgrades in sites that did not provide the results I was looking for.

Sure, most mailers and traffic exchanges have stats listed, however, I can tell you those stats can be skewed.  (not always but can be)  I have had some sites showing hundreds of people opened my email or viewed my site but in reality, my separate ad tracking efforts showed a different story.

I can not impress upon you how important it is to take the time to set up ad tracking.  Tracking your results is time-consuming however the end result saves you more time and money than it takes to use an Ad Tracker.

I am not here to name and shame, my goal is to give you an understanding of how important it is to track your advertising.  For instance, some big name Mailers and Traffic Exchanges results opened my eyes too; bigger is not always better and big names are not always the best ones to follow.

For privacy, I will list sites as letters.

Site Number of Emails Sent Actual # Read CTR Site Claims # Opened
X 2160 2 0.09%  No Data
Y 2413 159 6.59%  212
Z 16780 6 0.04 No Data
A 5000 4 0.08%  No Data

As you can see I wasted a lot of time reading other emails for credits to send to three of those  Mailers/Safelists.  Some sites due to the number of credits you receive for reading emails, literally take you days of viewing hundreds of other peoples emails to send out 1 advert to the database.

Some sites do not even provide data as to the number of emails viewed.  In a few cases, I had some mailers tell me fewer members viewed the emails than my Ad Tracker stated.  It is important to know which sites are giving you results before paying to send out a solo advert.

Traffic Exchanges for me are more difficult to track per se.  However, I note how many members are listed in the exchange and track how long it takes to get views.  One thing to beware of when surfing exchanges is how fast they burn through your credits you have painstakingly worked so hard to accrue.  I have noticed some sites eat up your credits extremely fast because members are feverishly clicking away to gain the benefits of surfing said exchange.  In other words, if you find you can not keep credits assigned to your site/link at an exchange chances are people are not viewing your site as much as they are just clicking to click.

What is interesting is one would think a site with over 100,000 members would mean more eyes on your advert, however, I am finding that is not the case.  Again, bigger is not always better nor is a well-branded site as good as some newer smaller site.

Do not misunderstand me and throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Ad tracking is a tool to help you sort out which places you want to spend the majority of your time gaining credits for potential customers vs willy-nilly wasting your time obtaining credits in which to advertise your site, product(s), etc.

Your time is valuable and as such, you should do everything in your power to ensure that it is not wasted.  Life is short.  Success depends on your ability to have time for both work and play.

Start Tracking Your Ads Today!

Deb Hopkins

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